Shopping for an aircraft is definitely exciting, however realizing that your recently purchased pride and joy is a lemon with wings or a full 1:1 scale model aircraft, is not.

Whether you’re a soon to be first time owner or seasoned owner looking for a change, make sure you get your moneys worth. The Airag team can inspect the aircraft and its log books, to ensure that the aircraft is not only airworthy and that all maintenance items are up to date, but free of any damages, dodgy repairs or corrosion that may cost a fortune to rectify.

What if the aircraft has a current Maintenance Release?
A current Maintenance Release does not reveal the true extent and history of the aircraft. It is certainly does identify that the aircraft is airworthy for flight at the time it was issued, by meeting the minimum criteria that is required at each inspection. However ongoing airworthiness may be questionable if certain inspections have been neglected, resulting in large repair bills when the time comes.